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04-22-2010, 13:43
Gentlemen I was wondering if anyone could pipe in on loading tracers bullets for .223. With the weather getting better I'd like to spend some time this spring/summer shooting dusk/night time. Thought having a few tracers fired out of my bushmaster would be a good time. I've looked around and found several places to get them (mostly auction sites). Most look like they have been pulled from military rounds. Is there anything out of the ordinary for loading these or do just load with my regular powder (TAC, or H332) for specific bullet weights?

Also what should I be paying for these. I won't be loading many - 2-300 perhaps.

I searched this forum and didn't find any topics so I apologize if this is a dead horse beaten topic.

As always thanks in advance Gentlemen.



04-22-2010, 13:48
heavy crimp and fast powder for the most consistent lighting. Had luck with the few I loaded with H335

Last I saw it was around 80 bucks for 1200