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04-22-2010, 20:19
JR, i checked out wolf's barrels and saw that they make a 9x25 conversion barrel for the g-29. i would like to shoot 9x23's is this possible- using the 9x25 barrel ?? thank you

04-22-2010, 20:40
No that is not the same chambering.
The 9x25 Dillon is based on a 10mm cartridge necked down to a 9mm projectile.
The 9x23 is a long 9mm. It is very close to the 38 Super.

LWD does not offer a 9x23 chambering for the G29. We do offer this chambering in the G20. Call if you want one.

04-28-2010, 19:01
JR, thank you for the information as i had no idea that a 9x25 dillon was a necked down 10 mm . do you possibly know of anyone who makes a 9x23 barrrel for the g29? i do have an old g-21 & would i be able to utilize LWD 9/23 barrel in that w/o a lot of complications of adding a lot of parts to the g-21 ? thank you and sorry for all these questions as i have limited knowledge on gun modifications etc...

04-28-2010, 19:28
We built 25 pcs 9x23 barrels for the G20 a couple years ago. I thought they would have gone faster that this. I would build them for the G29 but cant afford to sit on them like that

04-28-2010, 20:26
JR, ok, thank you