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04-23-2010, 08:39
My friend and I went gun shopping. He was impressed with the gun that had a laser integrated into the grip. I felt it was more important to focus upon the fundamentals of shooting. The laser should only be confirmatory but in reality, a split second doesn't matter. Additionally, it gives away your position. What are your thoughts on a laser (assuming it is sighted properly)? Is it necessary? Under what circumstances? I have been shooting for nearly 20 years and never needed one.

04-26-2010, 10:11
No dought you have been shooting for 20 years but how many lethal force encounters have you been involved with in that time. Most trained or untrained personel tend to focus on the threat coming at them not the small iron sights on top of their pistols. Remember during extreme stress the eyes dialate so they have a harder time trying to focus on small objects. Also unlike the range liveing targets move left,right forward and back similar to what you may be doing in a bad situation ( seeking cover or escaping to safety) try shooting a moving target while you are moving in a dark enviroment or where you are outnumbered and you will see the the utillity of a laser. Also a laser will allow you to fire on targets while keeping most of your body behind cover. Last but not least what happens if you have to fire your handgun with your non dominent hand a laser will help produce hits. Laser or not you always need the fundamentals of trigger control but anything that will provide you with a force multiplier in a gunfight is a good thing.

04-26-2010, 15:01
Great points.

I still don't care for the laser, personally. However, I will pass on your thoughts to my friend.