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04-24-2010, 15:04
As stated, would appreciate any informative feedback anyone here may have regarding Glock-Action's "Uni-200L" universal sight I&R tool.

Would really like to have a worthwhile multi-brand sight tool...vice one for each brand. I don't mind the cost for one so much as after paying to have a few sets put on, it equals out and certainly pays for itself. Plus, I could do sight sets for some of my shootin' buds so they don't have to go through the same frackin' thing.

I've seen the adverts here (which is how I found out about the Uni-200L), but know virtually nothing about the company or the quality/fit/finish/adaptability of the product. I do know the owner of the company (K.S.P. Operations) is a guy named Mike Bietsch. From the info on the website he and his people certainly seem to have solid background.

I also know there's another member here who's been making a universal sight tool for a little while, but he's a one-man operation and from what I can tell, is severely back-logged due to the popularity of the excellent product he puts out and the fantastic price he offers it for. Shame, too, 'cus I'd much rather buy one from him, but I don't currently have the time nor patience to wait for him to get to me. I have a few guns that need sight sets and I'm sick of paying ridiculous prices to have them installed.

Again, if ANYone can provide a viable review of the product and/or company, I'd certainly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, TRM

***P.S. By the way Mods, if this happens to be in the wrong forum, by all means please move it to the correct one at your discretion.

04-26-2010, 10:15
No its in the right place let us know what you find out.