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curtis 41
04-24-2010, 18:03
I have a Hornady progressive press and already reload for my FS92 Beretta, SIG P220, S&W snubbies and 686 (38, 357) and M&P15 223 (EOTech 557 and 4 x magnifier) just fine. With a new G21, is it better to:

1. Not reload for this gun, related to head support ???
2. Go ahead and reload, but always keep well within SAAMI specs ?, or
3. Go ahead and replace the barrel with a Bar-Sto barrel and reload until the cows come home?

Same question for a 40 cal G23. I think the chamber pressure max is around 35,000 psi for this one, a bit lower than the 10 mm, but a lot higher than the G21 45 cal. I know Glock says no reloads, but how much of this is related to the Glock's ability to eat and kick out just about anything you feed it and support near the bottom of the case? Also, for anyone out there with a Gen 4 G22, are you reloading for that handgun as well? I would rather ask before the fact, than afterwards. KBs can spoil your entire weekend.

04-24-2010, 18:16
I have been reloading for my G23 for months now. They are just mid range and mostly just 155 and used 5 differant powders if that helps to ease your mind a tad bit.:supergrin:

Murphy's Law
04-25-2010, 05:13
I've been at it nearly 3 years reloading for my G23 with 180gr and various powders. Knock on wood, I've never had any problems at all. I also stay away from max loads and tend to be around mid-range. Don't let anyone tell you different.....40 S&W is a great caliber and fun to shoot as well. :supergrin:

04-25-2010, 05:56

I've been shooting reloads out of my G21 and G30 for a long time. Both of my guns are stock, with the exception of Meprolight night sights. I shoot plated or FMJ out of my Glocks..............period.

Here are a few recipes for you to load and try with a 230gr. FMJ bullet, Federal 150 primers, and OAL @ 1.260:
5.0grns. Bullseye
5.3grns. W231
5.3grns. HP-38
6.0grns. Unique
4.6grns. WST
7.0grns. Power Pistol
5.2grns. VihtaVuori N320

Good Shooting! :wavey: