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04-25-2010, 12:02
Some of you may have seen my original thread about the ISSC M22. It is a Glock look alike that shoots 22LR.

I had a horrible time with the original gun, but much to ASA ISSC's credit, they replaced the gun with a brand new one after I had to send my original back to them twice with continuing problems.

I don't agree with the way they handle their shipping, as it forces you to go through your FFL. Since you have to go through your FFL, I had to do paperwork for the new gun and that may be a problem for some people. It wasn't a big deal for me because I have a concealed handgun permit, and that allows me to purchase without going through any other processes, but if I didn't have the CHP, I would have had to get a "permit to purchase" from the local sheriff, and that would have cost even more time and money.

In either case, I reserve judgement for the new gun until after the "break-in" period. I guess they recommend you break the gun in with 200 CCI mini-mag solid points, but I was only able to find hollow points. Out of the first 100 mini-mag hollow points, I had one failure to feed at the fifth round, which is exactly why I had to send the original back. The rest of the 100 round pack functioned perfectly after that round.

Since things appeared to be going so well, I decided to try some Winchester bulk 333 and Federal 550 Bulk and I had several failures of the slide to completely cycle. In some cases, the spent case would be ejected but the next round would not be picked up by the slide. In other cases, the case wasn't even ejected. I attribute this to the ammo being too low powered and the gun still needing break in.

I next tried some velocitors and was extremely surprised to find the gun to have several failures with it. I had many, many failures to feed, with the round jamming into the top of the chamber opening. I have come to call this a fish mouth failure, as the soft lead is left with a small outline of the chamber opening curvature and it looks like a little minnow. This was one type of failure I was experiencing quite frequently with the original gun that I sent back.

I then switched back to the second 100 pack of mini-mag hollow points, and at first I thought I was going to have many more problems as they also began to fishmouth. But then that went away and I finished out that 100 pack with no problems.

I am still going to see about tracking down some mini-mag solid points, and basically run at least 100 of those through it before I consider it broken in. We will see what the gun does after that. I look forward to saying good things about it, considering the company sent me a new replacement gun.

04-28-2010, 17:38
I just sent my M22 serial #: AAAxxx back and they sent it back in a week with a new slide.


04-28-2010, 17:41
What was wrong with yours?

04-30-2010, 23:21
I was able to make it back to the range with this gun. I put 200 flawless mini-mag round nose through it. Things are looking up function wise with this gun but it doesn't seem to be as accurate as the first one I had. That may just be the mini-mags though. I have a couple of other types of ammo I will be trying through it.

05-01-2010, 09:15
Mine was failing to extract mainly, but also FTF. Raining too much for the range today. Next Friday will be my first chance to try it out with the new slide. I have 20+ types of .22 ammo, but will concentrate on CCI Mini Mags, CCI Blazers, Aguilla Interceptors at 40grn x 1470fps. I'm not interested in much accuracy yet, just a nice break-in with 500 rds, then we'll see how it shoots. Its a plinker and I don't expect it to be much else. If I can hit minute of egg off hand with any consistency I will be happy. If it turns out accurate enough and reliable I'll be a happy man.


05-27-2010, 10:31
Got mine earlier this month (AABxxx). So far I like it's construction much better than my P22 I sold off to get it.

My first 100 rounds were flawless and I'm finding this was due to using MiniMag 40 grain round nose as suggested. My next range trip I was out of the round noses since they are hard to find and switched primarily to Federal bulk pack 36 Grain Hollowpoint high velocity (in my experience very similar performance to the Mini-Mag hollowpoints). I got failure to feeds with the nose of the bullet hitting the top of the chamber. usually on the second round of the mag in 3 of my 5 mags with the first 50 (I hadn't marked my mags yet at that point to see if was just those mags but since then I don't think . I switched to some other brands including the horrid Remington Golden Bullet hollowpoint, some Armscor hollowpoint high velocity with both giving that specific failure. I think switched to some Winchester Super X jacketed round nose and still had the failures to feed about 1 or 2 times a mag. Probably shot a total of 150 rounds. Went home confused about why it was doing this.

I polished the feed ramp some with my dremel and then detail cleaned it. I found some Mini-Mag round nose in my .22 ammo can and decided to take it to my local range's mountly Steel shoot. It preformed great again through those 100 rounds until later I was out of the round nose and switched to Mini-Mag hollowpoints to finish the match. At that point the failures to feed returned. On the clock I would clear those malfs and then a couple times when I went to shoot with the new mag I had a failure to fire with the first round which would also at that point fail to extract the live round. However I think I have both of those failures sorted out.

If you are getting failure to fires with your M22 check that your decoker is fully up! I've found that as it rotates down a little bit and the hammer block comes up just enough to cause light strikes. I later even found one of my misfires from that match that I put in my pocket and found a very light strike impression on the round. When I racked the slide under stress I was moving the decocker down to where the hammer was still fully cocked but the hammer block was up enough to cause misfires. I'm considering removing at least the right side decocker if not both now to prevent these.

The failure extract was I think a combination of a dirty extractor and those round being pushed harder into the chamber by the hammer strike albeit a light one. I put a couple of drops in the extractor and moved a little with my finger at the match and since then I can't replicate the failure to extract with dummies. But FWIW I also can't replicate the misfeed problem with them either.

I'm planning to shoot my M22 this weekend. I still haven't found Mini-Mag round nose again in my local area but I'm going to try Winchester Wildcat and Remington Thunderbolt lead round nose in it. I've had bad luck in the past with the Remington Thunderbolt is semi-autos in the past (P22 HATED them), but figured I'd check. I'm also going to try CCI SGB, Velocitors, and Stingers while I'm at it.

Besides for the Remington Yellow Jacket truncated cone hollowpoint, everything that ISSC recommends is round nose profile (Mini-mag, Blazer, Federal Game Shot 810). I think the Winchester Super X round nose I was trying has a slightly different profile than other round noses. If it turns out you have to run round nose high velocity to get the M22 to not misfeed, I can live with that even though I probably have a few thousand hollowpoints on hand right now. I'm rooting for the Wildcats come through since you can pick those up pretty cheap in a brick and seemed like they tend to be more reliable than the Thunderbolts.

When the M22 has ammo it likes it seems a lot more reliable than my P22, when it doesn't it is worse than the P22. Yes all .22s are ammo sensitive, but it seem my P22 could throw in a failure in 1 out of every 2 or 3 mags even with ammo it liked, and of course even more malfs without good ammo.

DJ Niner
05-28-2010, 00:37
Great reports, folks; thanks for taking the time to put them together!

Not sure about yours, but all 3 of the Walmarts in my local area carry the CCI Mini-Mag round-nose ammo, as well as the Mini-Mag HPs.

05-28-2010, 04:41
Of course it seems to be the opposite at most my local Walmarts, they only carry the hollowpoint Mini-Mags.

01-14-2011, 15:44
It is too bad I want one bad, but not if it want work right.

01-15-2011, 09:34
Just got mine yesterday and headed out to the farm to test it out. Will report back, but from what I've read on more recent reviews (the past 6 months) they seem to work well, especially once broken in with a couple hundred rounds of CCI.

01-15-2011, 18:48
Shot 3 types of ammo so far. Started with Federal 550 Bulk pack although others and the factory stated to break in with CCI first, I just wanted to try it and see what would happen. The first 2 mags of Federal Bulk shot flawlessly with no issues, and I was exstatic. However after that it slowly got worse until the point it became a bolt action pistol with either light primer strikes, failures to eject, or failure to re-chamber. On the failure to re-chamber sometimes it would nose the round into the breech and sometimes it just simply did not pick up the round from the magazine. Fired 100 rounds of it before getting tired of clearing drills. LOL

I then switched to CCI 40 grn. round nose and it functioned flaslessly for the entire box of 100 rounds.

I then started shooting a mix of CCI and Federal Bulk, alternating one after the other in the mag and it functioned 90% of the time, only had light strike issues on the Federal from time to time.

Then I switched to an old plastic 100 round box of Winchester Super X (no idea how old it is) and it functioned 100% as well.

I've got some Remington Bulk that a friend "repayed" to me for shooting some of my Federal a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even try it. It sucked bad in all my other semi-autos with FTF about 1/3 of the time.

So far about 350 rounds total through it. Will keep testing and hoping it breaks in at around 500 rounds down the pipe and will start eating the Federal 550 Bulk since it is the cheapest for me - $15.47 at Wal-Mart.

Thinking about trying either the Federal Auto Match that is made for semi autos or some of the Winchester bulk if anyone has any experience with either in semi auto pistols, especially the M22?

01-17-2011, 07:26
Note that ISSC will take care of you if you have problems and are using the right ammo. I had to send my original back due to a bad extractor that first showed up at that steel match. I'm not sure, but it may have been due to one of the ROs digging out a stuck round with his knife in the extractor grove and slightly damaging the chamber. Since then if I have a rare FTE, I knock it out from the muzzle with a cleaning rod. From the beginning of the return process ISSC promised me a whole new gun and came through with that promise in about a week of total time shipping time back and forth. I didn't even pay shipping there.

Also if you want one that looks more like a standard Glock, you might want to jump on one fast, they had to redesign cosmetically due to a settlement with Glock (picture of the new one after the first link, info on lawsuit in second)

Mine is near perfect with CCI round nose anything, which usually means the Blazer bulk packs but Mini-Mags are an option as well. As for the hotter stuff, yesterday it fed 20 rounds of Stingers just fine (all I had with me) but Velocitors would get caught on the top of the chamber. Federal Bulk pack HPs will feed more now that I have about 800 rounds down it but they also seem to have more cycling issues than CCI. Even though it is LRN, Winchester Wildcat seems to have unreliable priming and cycling as well (worse than the Federal Bulk). It can sometimes have feeding issues too due to it's slightly different bullet profile from other RN .22s. My AKT98 is also pretty much a RN only gun as well and it also hates the Wildcats due to the bullet shape. Lately I've been buying any CCI Blazer bulk pack, I can find in stores in my neck of the woods that means Dick's Sporting Goods for about $18 on sale. Those keep my two favorite .22s, and me, pretty happy.

01-17-2011, 20:31
Wanting to try some of the CCI Blazer, hard to locate around me. I did see one gun store I visited last month that had crates of it for sale, I'll have to drive back there at some point - it's about an hour and 20 minutes away.

01-29-2011, 22:30
For those with an ISSC or any other .22 that seems to be finicky with .22 ammo I read on here or another forum about a guy adding a light coat of gun oil to his .22 rounds to lightly lube them. Like Moly Lube I guess, anyway you just add a few drops of oil to several rounds in a container and mix it up. Just enough to give them a slight slick feel, but not dripping. If you mix with your hand (What I do) your hand will smell like the oil, but not be wet.

Anyway I tried it today with my ISSC M22 and it went from 90% failures to 99% flawless with all .22 ammo. Prior to this the only thing it would eat without issue was CCI. My biggest issue seemed to be failure to extract - the round would stay stuck in the chamber - although I did have some failure to eject and failure to fire (but a second try with the rounds did fire). I will test it with some 36 gr. bulk tomorrow, as everything I tested today was .40 grain. If I can get it to feed Federal Bulk 550 with this little trick, it will be well worth it.

Hust a heads up to those with picky .22 autos - you might try that little trick it seems to work very well.

01-31-2011, 22:01
Here's a link with pictures and info on the new design:

I just purchased the old design (one of the few remaining) and should have it shortly. I was looking for something that allows me to shoot at the range without spending so much on ammo (as I am with my G23). It'll be for fun, but I was hoping to at least come close to the Glock feel when shooting in the hopes that it helps somehow with my accuracy with my G23.

02-07-2011, 18:43
I just received my M22 at the shop I work at and when I opened the wrapping there sat the front sight beside the pistol, my second disappointment was that I was hopping it was going to be an early model, before the lawsuit with Glock,yea I was hoping it would LOOK as much like a Glock as possible. After reading a bunch of the horror stories, I'm relieved it was the later edition, no second spring or an assortment of front sights so you could install the ones that it shot best with. The box had an 800 number and they said my new front sight would leave there today. Somewhere on the internet I say a posting where a guy converted his M22 to Glock night sights and I know somewhere in this house I have a set that I replaced with TRU Glow TFO sights but I'll be damned if I can find them. I did however find a round dot Glock that snapped in perfectly and I believe looks better than the original square one that comes on the gun.
The thing I am most pleased about is I fired fifteen rounds of CCI mini mags in the basement(thats all the wife would tolerate) without one misfire or failure to load or eject.
For anyone that is interested, Buds is selling these for $199.00 with free shipping. I think this is a great deal. I'll try to do a range report tomorrow.
Sorry about the long rant but I'm kind of excited with this purchase.

04-05-2012, 04:17
Hi everyone new to glock talk but stumbled on it when i was searching for issues on my ISSC M22.I was really ready to throw it away because of constant jamming but i slowed down and thought about it.First i know it voids warranty to modfyi but did it anyway by grinding and polishing the feed ramp this has always worked for me on any jamming i have had on a weapon.Then i started trying different ammo and cci was the fix it seem any thing under 1235 fps failed so i used 1235,1435 and 1650 cci and out of 10 mags on each not a single mishap.Just want to thank all of you for the info listed helped me alot .49dream

04-05-2012, 16:46
Bought a couple new mags for my ISSC M22 target model. In an effort to break them in, I have been trying to use them more. I'm finding a lot more failure to feed, especially on the first couple rounds, I think because the springs are still pretty stiff.

It had been running pretty well with my old mag before that, however.

04-07-2012, 22:07
Hi everyone new to glock talk but stumbled on it when i was searching for issues on my ISSC M22.I was really ready to throw it away because of constant jamming but i slowed down and thought about it.First i know it voids warranty to modfyi but did it anyway by grinding and polishing the feed ramp this has always worked for me on any jamming i have had on a weapon.Then i started trying different ammo and cci was the fix it seem any thing under 1235 fps failed so i used 1235,1435 and 1650 cci and out of 10 mags on each not a single mishap.Just want to thank all of you for the info listed helped me alot .49dream

Interesting first post...

04-15-2012, 19:28
Hey all,

Another excellent running bullet i the CCI AR22. It runs 100% in my M22 for over three boxes of 375.

06-28-2013, 17:47
Anyone every remover their decocker? I'm debating testing it out. Thoughts?

07-06-2013, 14:10
I also bought a M22 to practice and also work with recoil sensitive shooters. I ended up with the compensated model.
Mine worked fine for the first 200 rounds then had failure to extract issues. I emailed the importer and gave my serial number. Was told this was an earlier batch that was imported by another importer and would not be covered under warranty, that there was an upgraded extractor. They would fix it, but I would have to pay shipping for the upgrade.
My gunshop had ordered this gun for me, had had it in the store for about 5 days before I got it. I called the gunshop where I got it about the warranty issue and he got the distributor to take it back and issue a credit.
I liked the feel of the gun, mine had the compensator that shot loose every time I shot it. The finish was ripply, seemed cheap. These guns have some advantages, just make sure your warranty will be honored.
I took the refund and bought a S&W MP22. Took it home, shot close to 500 rounds of mixed .22 ammo. This thing refuses to jam. Wanted a Glock feel, but am happy with the S&W MP22.

Boot Stomper
07-06-2013, 22:50
I hope everything works out with your 22s. Did you chose this gun for the Glock like appearance? Most reviews I have read were not good. Hopefully they have all the bugs worked out.

I have a M&P 22 that has been flawless and very fun to shoot.

07-07-2013, 02:49
Yes, partly for it's Glock like appearance. I am a firearms instructor and thought this might be good for recoil sensitive shooters. But, I am also a competitive shooter and wanted to shoot this at matches in .22 class alongside my centerfire weapons.
I second the comment on the M&P .22, mine is great, functions with almost anything. A very nice gun.

10-02-2013, 12:54
The only things I can get to function in my ISSC are the 2 hotter CCI Offerings: Mini-mags & stingers. The Stingers are lighter but faster than the MMs so the Power Factor is similar. I think you multiply weight (in grains of the bullet) x velocity in feet per second and divide by 1000 to get the Power Factor. Tried some Federal that were supposed to be Hyper Velocity, but they were not strong enough and jammed the gun many times.

Stinger 32 x 1640= 52,480 / 1000 = 52

MiniMags 36 x 1260= 45,360 = 45

Looks like you need a PF of at least 45 to cycle the ISSC properly.

Also, I think those Federals had fat rims that the ISSC extractor could not grab properly. As a matter of fact, the Federals caused me to mess up the gun and I sent it to Tulsa for repair. It has been running perfectly on the CCIs mentioned above since coming back.

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10-02-2013, 15:32
Guess I just got lucky with mine. I have an early one, before the Glock lawsuit. I have used several different rounds, CCI mini mag, Federal bulk pack and a couple of others I don't remember. It fired all of them pretty well. Oh, it wasn't perfect by any means! But I could fire several mags of Federal bulk pack before I would have one failure on the next mag. I haven't shot it in over a year, guess I need to get it out this weekend and see how it works.

10-03-2013, 09:09
I had one. Had a lot of failure to eject the spent round case. It didn't matter what I used, it did it. Ended up selling it, told the guy the problems I had with it, he bought it anyway. I ended up buying a Walther P22. I have not had one problem with it. It loves anything I put in it. My 2