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04-26-2010, 22:15
Using a KKM barrel, I wanted to be sure that this was a safe and reliable round for woods carry, so I decided it's best to put a few hundred rounds down range before I find myself against a raging black bear!

I've read a few reports that some guys were having trouble with this round using the stock barrel (like in hickok45's video), I just wanted to post some feedback. I went through 300 rounds exactly, and every shot was dead on perfect. Wish I had a chrono though. :faint:

Anyway, today was fun and I found a HOT & reliable 230gr round for SD in the woods. My mind is now more at ease. I would have conducted the same test had I gone with Buffalo Bore (220gr Hard Cast), but because of the price, I went with DT for this round. The 230s are GTG with a KKM barrel in the G20! :wavey:


Angry Fist
04-26-2010, 22:35
Many thanx for the input, DH.... :wavey: