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04-28-2010, 08:56
Indiana conservatives and libertarians MUST stop the retread RINO, Dan Coats, from stealing our golden opportunity to convert the Bayh dynasty seat to our side. Unfortunately, Coats's four worthy local conservative opponents threaten to split the vote and allow him to steal the nomination with a small percentage of the overall vote. This is a once in a generation opportunity to get this seat filled with a rock-ribbed, constitutional conservative. Let's get behind Marlin Stutzman. If you're not familiar with Marlin, go to and read his issues page. I think you'll find him to be likeminded with you every step of the way. Among other accomplishments, Marlin helped author and pass Indiana's lifetime LTCH. He has been endorsed by the Right to Life folks. He is committed to reversing the damage imposed on our country by the Obama/Pelosi/Bayh/Carson leftwing cabal. So, let's get together and put a real conservative on the ballot. Vote for Marlin Stutzman on May 4th.