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04-28-2010, 15:43
I'm new to IDPA shooting and wanted to ask a question please. I realize there are things you can and can't do to your gun to help you achieve better results. I was reading something today and was wondereing if I could have this item installed onto my Glock 19 to help me shoot better?


It looks to be a great idea to help keep your thumb secure and in place but is it legal to have?
Thanks for your help.

HK Dan
04-28-2010, 15:51
Sorry. You could use it in USPSA Limited (not sure why you'd want to). Get the grip nailed down and ya won't need it anyway.

Basically SSP is for stock guns. You can do a few things in ESP, but again, it's pretty limited. I don't think (think) that's legal for ESP either. It's not specifically excluded, but it's not listed as an acceptible modification either.

Remember, IDPA is for stock guns. The closer you stay to that, the more in keeping you are with the idea behind it. I run a bone stock G17 in SSP/ESP and a bone stock Colt 1991 in CDP. I've made Master with those guns, and it ain't acuz I'm Matt Burkett. You can do it too, and without blinging up your gun like a USPSA Open rig. <g>

Jim Watson
04-28-2010, 16:44
Not allowed. The approved list of modifications is "inclusive." Meaning if it is not on the list, you can't have it. The disapproved list of modifications is "noninclusive" meaning that just because it is not listed, it does not mean you can do it. See above.

04-28-2010, 23:32
Got it ! Thankx.