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04-28-2010, 15:59
I recently inherited a Smith and Wesson Model 19-4 .357 Magnum when my father passed away. I got the gun but no papers what-so-ever. Anyone know where I can located/download a field-stripping guide for this weapon? I have scoured the S&W site but can only find a generic revolver owners manual with no field-stripping info at all. It has not been well cared for and I really want to get it back into shape. Any help is appreciated!!!


04-28-2010, 16:51
The following is a gross generalization and oversimplification of my statement: DONT take it apart. Just dont. If it still shoots/functions normally, leave it alone. Some oil probably wouldnt be a bad thing, but thats it.

Gun Digest has a series of books on how to take apart just about any gun ya care to name. great investment. :wavey:

Is there a specific issue you are trying to address with a takedown? Someone here can almost certainly help ya. The only time I ever open a side plate is to repair/replace springs. But if they aint broke....

04-28-2010, 17:14
Agreed. Unless you're modifying the gun, or repairing it, shoot it. If it's acting a little stiff n' funky, tighten the mainspring retaining screw at the front bottom of the grip frame, and make sure the ejector, which rotates backwards, is screwed in tight.

If that doesn't fix it, THEN remove the sideplate very gently, with the proper gunsmith screwdrivers, so you don't bugger the screws. It's a very tight fit, and you'll have to tap it with a rubber mallet to break it loose. Don't pry it. clean throughly with your fave cleaner, blow it out with compressed air (an air can, not a funky gas station air hose), lightly oil, and reassemble. Don't use WD-40 on it, don't bugger screws, don't remove the sideplate without a good reason, a little red loctite isn't wrong if you shoot much .357 in it, and it likes .38 +P 158gr ammo best.

At least, that's what my 19-3 told me.

Glock 17L
04-28-2010, 17:20
Have a look at the FAQs @ the S&W Forum, Here's the link..
What kinda troubles are you having that you wanna open it up??

04-28-2010, 23:32
Open the cylinder.
It is field stripped.


Leave the rest alone until you know much more from videos and/or shop manuals. Easy to mess up screws and sideplates.

Short hints above are good.

04-29-2010, 06:50
Open the cylinder.
It is field stripped.


I'd add he could take the grips off too - but that's as far as is needed.

Take care,
Bob S.

04-29-2010, 08:14
Thanks for the help everybody. I haven't even fired it yet so I have no problems. This is my first revolver. All my autos I field-strip and clean before (if they have been stored for a while) and after shooting so it is driving me a little bonkers to fire this without a "full" cleaning. My Dad never used it much and kept it in a clothing drawer so the bore and cylinders are coated with lint and crap from his clothes. I will take your advise and do a minimal cleaning at least until I shoot it.

Thanks again!!!

04-29-2010, 20:37
You don't field strip revolvers, you can only detail strip them which you should never do unless you know what you are doing. Unless you are a serious wheel gun guy who is positive of what he is doing or you are a smith don't mess with the gun.

05-02-2010, 05:06
There are a few good videos on u-tube on how to take the 'side plate' off. The cylinder comes off very easily too. Yes I have gone to far a time or 2. I recently took the sideplate off an older Model 65 I bought, the cylinder also of course. It was a little gunked up inside. I was careful to not remove/dislocate any internal parts. I sprayed the inside with an spray cleaner, dried it & lightly lubed. Since the gun was older & used I wanted to be sure it was clean inside. Now I'll leave it alone. The side plate comes off very easily with the proper 'tapping' procedure, but school yourself before you try it. If the gun has a known, clean history it may not be worth it.