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04-30-2010, 16:40
I just received my matching butt-cuff and sling from I gotta say I'm very impressed by the quality. My Marlin 30-30 is now pimped out for deer hunting and I'm happy. Here's some pics. Sorry for the poor quality.
ETA: Andy is a very easy guy to deal with and I highly suggest doing business with him. His does advertise here on GT. Turn around time was lightning quick and I believe $45 dollars for an ammo butt-cuff to be the most competetive price around.

05-01-2010, 06:46
Very nice. Five rounds on the buttstock is a convenient way to pack extra ammo. The sling looks like it is not only very well made but very likely to be soft and comfortable for use in the woods. I've always likes a Marlin 336. And the .30-30 is just about the quintessential choice for perhaps 90% of all shots one will ever take at whitetail deer. Try it out with the Hornady ammo... it extends the range of the .30-30 for those few instances when you really do need more range.

05-01-2010, 15:56
I shot it with Hornady 160 gr LeveRevolution today. It's simply awesome. The groups I was getting with peep sights was pretty unbelievable. Three shot groups all within an inch or 3/4".

05-01-2010, 16:20
Your results are not atypical. I have seen a number of Marlin rifles that would keep 5 shots under 2 inches at 100 yds. using the open sights. I had one M-1894 on which I mounted a Lyman aperture sight. Using Remington 240 gr. JSP ammo, it would produce 5 shot groups at 25 yds. that were just a oblong bullet hole. At 50 yds. the group would still be no more than 1 inch. At 100 yds. I had no trouble staying under 3 inches. Years ago one of my church members bought a nice 336 in .30-30 for his teen-aged son. He asked if I would sight it in for him. I noticed the front sight was damaged. I to a file and squared up the front sight from a lopsided ball to a flat sided post w/ the gold bead made into a gold cube. A tiny bit of fiddling resulted in a front sight that was easily seen in heavy cover. Firing at ameasured 50 yds. from a solid benchrest using the plain issue iron sights I was able to fire ten shot strings into 1.25 inches. I never had the opportunity to try it out at the 100 yd. range as on the one occasion when I had the rifle in my hands, the only range open was the pistol range.

Personally I'd sight the rifle in for 125 yds. and then see where it hit at 200 yds. That should give you a very useful zero for just about any shot you would want to take with your rifle.

05-02-2010, 01:29
I'll be using this rifle for distances up to only around 125 yards. I have a Remington model 700 in .308 for long distances but most of my shots at deer (bout 34 harvested so far) have been under 30 yards. The peep sights sure do make a difference in the accuracy department when compared to the stock buckhorn sights. I'm using Skinner sights with a .040 aperture for the range and a .096 for dawn-dusk hunting.