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Stephen A. Camp
12-14-2002, 22:17
Hello. Today, I shot a decent north central Texas whitetail taken under fair chase conditions with my Dan Wesson Patriot .45 pistol.

Still had decent light and shot her this afternoon about 5:20PM using the Hornady 200 gr XTP over 7.0 gr Unique. The doe was angling toward me about 55' away. I put the bullet just in front of her left shoulder such that it "pole axed" her from front to rear at a slight angle to the right. The bullet did NOT exit, but it was lost while field-dressing the animal.

As was the case with the one I shot with a .45 Colt handload, the animal jumped when shot and ran. I followed the bloodtrail about 80 yards and found her. She still had her head up so a coup de grace for humane reasons. That's why there's blood around the head.

She weighed about 115 lbs or so.

The Patriot continues to work just fine, holds its zero with adj sights and did not malfunction.

This pistol has done good and continues to serve well.


12-15-2002, 15:14
Nice shot and nice doe. I wasn't able to pull off a shot on the deer I saw this year. :( I'll be in the tree again next year, .357 stoked with 180 grain Wincheters.


12-15-2002, 17:12
nice shooting!!!! BTW I take it that you like your Dan Wesson. I was just wondering how reliable it has been because I have been wanting a 1911 and was looking at a Pointman like yours only blued.


Stephen A. Camp
12-15-2002, 17:33
Hello and thank you for the compliments. The Patriot has been 100% reliable with a variety of loads and groups very well.


12-15-2002, 20:17
Mr. Camp, thank you for posting your hunt results, I very much enjoy reading them. I know how certain pistol loads behave in gelatin, wet phone books, etc., but it's great to learn how these pistol loads actually perform in tissue.

Stephen A. Camp
12-15-2002, 20:28
Hello, and thanks to all for the kind words.

LOMAS: For years I searched for THE ultimate in this or that caliber. I think that now, most handgun bullets will actually expand although some will fail the now popular 4-layers-of-denim in front of the gelatin block. Placement, to me, remains the key, and while I DO believe that 10% ballistic gelatin is a very, very good indicator of what a round might do, it cannot as accurately predict how fast the "mechanism of death" or incapacitation will occur, but it is repeatable and doable for testing to get an idea. You may've already seen it, but there's some very good information over at If you go there, click on "Test Results" and you can see data on expanded commercial rounds tested in various ways in gel.


12-15-2002, 20:41
Edited, double post.

12-18-2002, 20:48
Here in Wisconsin, a handgun must have a minimum of a 5.5" barrel to be legal for deer hunting. Unless you have a long-slide 1911, you cannot use a 1911 here... at least not with the standard 5" barrel. Too bad. I've taken 9 whitetails with a handgun so far... 3 with a Dan Wesson 44V, and 6 with a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt. I'd like to use my Colt series 80 govt model, but unless I get a longer barrel, it's not legal. I've seen a few 6" 1911 barrels that work with the standard slide, in various catalogs. Just might get one before next season.

BTW... congrats, and nice shot.

Stephen A. Camp
12-19-2002, 23:41
Hello and thanks. Good luck to you with the 6" bbl in the 1911.