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05-01-2010, 18:56
I just got a gen3 g19. I have never owned glock before and im really impressed with the glock. I have a question reguarding the recoil spring and looking into the stainless with a 15lb spring, mabye? I generally shoot winchester or fiocci rounds 124 grain and would like to reduce the recoil a bit. Any suggestions from anyone? any reason not to go with a stainless rod? should one of those "buffer" springs be installed with it? Anyway I have put almost 1k rounds through it and the only problem I had was with a box of pmc 115gr, had a ftf with 3 rounds, found out pmc is made in korea, so I put 500 trouble free rounds of 124 gr winchester. Thanks

05-02-2010, 19:40
I recommend you get a few thousand rounds through your G19 before making any changes. This gun can be finicky about the ammunition it will digest, especially 115 gr ammo. You should try plenty of 115 gr brands until you come up with a perfect load. If you still have issues with reliability then by all means reduce the recoil spring weight. It will help for sure but try it with the factory 18lb first.

If you intend on using the 124 gr ammo I recommend you stay with the factory spring weight 18lb or go up to 20lbs. I have shot about every manufacture of 124 gr ammo* and never had a problem. This bullet weight seems ideal in the Glock 9mm pistols. I find they run 100% reliable.

* 147 gr too!

05-03-2010, 16:26
I got 300 rounds of winchester 124 gr nato rounds from the shop and she fired flawlessly, I need to correct my muzzle flip, would a stainless recoil rod help? I do plan on doing the 3.5 lb trigger conn. my glock armorer said he would take care of it all for $25, and polish the trigger too. I do love this gun, as I now have about 1k rounds through it.

05-04-2010, 13:37
Like I said, 124 runs excellent. The hotter the better!

You will get better at maintaining recoil. Many shooters confuse this with muzzle rise. You can adjust your shooting style to absorbed most the recoil in your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Muzzle rise is best controlled with porting.

If you have 1K rds through the gun your trigger should be pretty smooth. You are bound to notice the new connector when it is installed. It will feel gritty for sure. My advise is to polish the new connector, you will be disappointed with its performance if yop dont.

05-04-2010, 16:31
Thank you, I will be sure to have that done and just keep shooting "practiceing" that is:embarassed: I will leave the recoil rod and springs stock and just have the trigger work done.