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05-02-2010, 19:12
I have a question regarding the trigger shoe safety on a Glock 23. I just replaced the trigger bar in this gun. After shooting 100 rounds for a function test (everything functioned flawlessly as usual for a Glock!) I noticed the little polymer pin that holds the safety in the trigger shoe had backed out slightly less than 1/16"! I never noticed this during my range session and it never caused any problems. Now, do you have any idea how that pin locks in to the trigger shoe? I noticed that in all of my other Glocks that the pin sits in the shoe just under the surface of it's hole. I pushed on the pin with a nylon punch and it took a little bit of pressure to move it. I further gave it a light tap with a pin punch and it seemed to go all the way in and lock. Is it just that the pin may not have been bottomed out during it assembly at the factory? What is the possibility of this coming loose again and is there any armorer tricks to keep this pin from backing out short of replacing the trigger bar that is brand new? Is it that I was sent a defective part or have you heard of this before? Also, the trigger bar is a brand new factory unit part number GLSP02303. Thanks for your help and for being on the forum! Take care.

05-02-2010, 19:57
I have never seen a problem with the trigger shoe pin. If you are concerned at all I recommend you simply replace it.
I highly doubt it would ever back out or give you any trouble at all but what the heck, its only about $10 to replace.

05-02-2010, 20:07
Ok thanks. I think I'll do that.