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View Full Version : Anyone load Nosler 180 grain JHPs?

05-04-2010, 09:49
I just ordered some 180 grain Nosler 180 grain JHPs from Midway. The have 250 count boxes for $40.99.

Anyone have any experience with these? I'm especially curious how well these expand and if they would make a good self defense load.

Thanks, Aloxite

05-04-2010, 20:52
My guess is the dearth of replies is because Noslers are usually not as price-competitive as other brands. Good catch finding them on sale. I've not loaded the bullet you're asking about, nor any other Nosler in 10mm, but I've found them on sale in years past in 44-caliber and have bought and loaded them. IMO, Noslers are slightly higher quality than Hornady, including in finishing of the final product, so they'll look great. Not sure any of that helps that much on a pistol bullet, where you're not seeking the last 1/10th of an inch at 100 yards...

Overall, I'd say it will be a highly serviceable bullet, probably with higher quality than generally found in pistol bullets. Load with no worries.

05-04-2010, 22:52
I do not have experience with the 180, but they appear to be of similar construction to the 135 grainer. I've worked with plenty of the 135 bullet. MMA10 is absolutely correct in that they are well made and nicely finished. They are accurate. As far as terminal ballistics, the 135 grain frags easily and tosses its jacket. I imagine that jacket separation may be an issue too for the 180 grainer. That may be of no concern to you, but it is an issue for some. The 135 grainers are accurate and have the most square and finished heal of any bullet. I imagine that accuracy may have something to do with that.

05-07-2010, 10:37
I checked Noslers website and it looks like these are new projectiles. That would explain why no one seems to have used them.:whistling: