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05-05-2010, 02:04
What is the best/good slings out there (brand/style) 2point or 3point or should I just make my own 550 cord 2/3 point. Training/HD etc, etc

05-05-2010, 07:12 (

05-05-2010, 07:44
Personally I like UTGs two point sling. Have one on my AR and another on my HD shotty.

Eagle :eagle:

05-05-2010, 12:08 (

I think he is a member here. (support the sport)

05-05-2010, 15:04
The sling on the link above looks pretty good. I bought one of those slings that holds up to 25 shells, and I ended up not liking the extra weight hanging on my shotgun, especially if I have to shoot. It does serve as a great bandolier though.

David Armstrong
05-06-2010, 09:01
For most folks the purpose of the sling is simply to hold the gun ou and out of your way at times. Given that, the standard military-type 2-point strap does just fine. Inexpensive, easy to use, does what is needed.

05-06-2010, 09:19
I have used a Giles Tactical Sling for my Remington 870.