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05-06-2010, 19:18
I just recieved a wolf guide rod and 22# spring with my double tap ammo. There was 2 springs in the package. There is the long guide rod spring and the other is a small spring about 2.5 inches long.

05-06-2010, 19:42
The other is a striker spring, while you don't have to change it out and it is there for you if you decide to. You will probably need it in the future if the striker spring gets weak.

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05-06-2010, 19:44
I was just reading that wolf sends a standard firing pin spring with their recoil springs. I was not clear whether this was a standard GLOCK firing pin spring or a firing pin spring that was set up for the wolf recoil spring. Maybe someone here knows the answer.

05-06-2010, 21:09
oh ok maybe it is an extra power striker spring?

How do you change it out? The guide spring was easy.

05-07-2010, 02:16
Striker springs are almost as easy, but it is a little more involved. You familiar at all with how to take down a Glock slide?

05-07-2010, 07:48
Nope I just got the glock its my first one. So far I just know how to change out the guide spring and remove barrel. I want to learn though. Like all my other guns I like to be able to take it all apart and I practice handling it in the house with snap caps till I can do it in the dark.

Does it say in the instructions? I haven't read the instructions yet.

05-09-2010, 18:27
It doesn't go into it in the instructions, it is considered armorer land by the factory. However there are a hundred threads in General Glocking that tell how to do it, and instructional videos on youtube as well. When you have the slide off of the frame and the barrel out of the slide, you can turn it over and see the striker. You need a 3/32 pin punch to take the tension off of the striker spring so you can slide the back plate off of the slide. once that plate is off the striker assembly will come out of the slide. Dissassembly of the striker assembly is the tricky part as you have to get the spring cups off to get the spring off the striker. I would think one of those videos will help I will see if I can find a link for ya.

05-09-2010, 18:35
this looks like a fairly good video of spring cup work here.