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05-06-2010, 19:39
I am awaiting the arrival of a new to me S&W 442. This is 442-1 in satin nickel. It left the factory in October 1995. It does not have the pin by the firing pin and it has the newer, larger yoke screw. Everything I have read says "if it is a 442-1 you can shoot +P's in it". A 25 year employee of S&W in customer service says "it left the factory in October 1995 and not 1996 so you should not shoot +P's in it". Does anybody know for absolutely certain, without doubt one way or the other? Thanks

05-16-2010, 16:55
If S&W says no +P, I would go with it.

Couple of options I like: Federal 125 gr Nyclad HP and Fiocchi 125 gr JHP. Both are standard .38 Special loads and both seem to shoot well in my Airweights.

the perfesser
05-16-2010, 17:12
You might want to try the Hornady Critical Defense standard pressure. (It also comes in a +P variety.) I have not tested it much yet, but manageable recoil and good accuracy thus far.

Glock 17L
05-16-2010, 19:55
Your 442-1 should be up to the +P but I've seen this before were the factory didn't offer them +P rated until a bit later, I think they radiused the cylinder opening on the later ones..
I use the Federal Nyclads 125gr HPs in my 642 No Dash & it's a great round with little flash & recoil & very accurate.. This same snub I've fit a 940-1 cylinder too & use the 125gr Nyclads in 9mm threw it for carry as well..