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05-06-2010, 19:56
Anyone here ever dulicate Double Tap loads. They are getting just over a thousand fps with a 230 grain pill and just over 1200 with a 185 jhp. I don't have any interest in loading these myself but am a little curious what powder you would use. I don't think Double Tap uses their own blend. (

05-06-2010, 19:59
They can get custom blends to meet their goals.

Big Sam
05-06-2010, 20:24
I think the 1000 fps is a bit optimistic even for a 5" barrel. Out of my 4 1/2" barrel G21, the 230gr Gold Dot load gave me 890 fps and the 230gr FN load gave me 870 fps. Out of my G30 they gave me 866 and 817 fps respectively. Despite the overstated claims, I really like the Gold Dot load. It's fast without undue pressure. It is my preferred carry load.

Certainly I can duplicate the Double Tap 230 FP load in my G30... and exceed it a bit with ease. I can't (or don't have the nerve to try) touch the Gold Dot velocities. I pulled one of the Gold Dot loads and it had 7.0 gr of a powder that "looked" like Longshot. It had a very heavy bullet pull too.