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joe sacco
05-07-2010, 17:12
Does anybody have a source for 357 Herrett brass and/or dies? Does anybody have a set of forming dies they want to sell? I'm stuck.

Thanks, Joe

05-08-2010, 03:48
Do an online search and you'll find all you need. Dies are $30 more then a standard set. Formed cases are spendy to say the least.

I loaded the caliber 25 years ago or so and found it to be a solid performer on BG but it was a PITA to form brass. So I found a used .35 Remington barrel for my Contender and sold the Herrett setup. Made life a lot easier with the availability of factory cases and field performance was exactly the same.

05-08-2010, 23:37
RCBS used to stock dies, maybe they still do. The 357maximum gets pretty close in a Contender length bbl.