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View Full Version : anyone use RS TAC for .308 and .223?

M1A Shooter
05-08-2010, 13:53
i shoot 55gr fmj in a 14.5" AR and 175gr SMK or 178gr Amax in a 24" .308 R700. i am currently using RL-15 in my .308 loads and am starting to load for my AR. id like to get another powder that is good for both so i can stock more of fewer powders.

what do you guys use for these calibers?

05-08-2010, 14:05
I've used about 16#'s of TAC in .223. 25.2g's over a 55FMJ is what my 16" AR likes. Its good stuff, meters well and it used to be real cheap, think I paid 90-95 bucks per 8# jug.

05-08-2010, 18:09
I use a lot of it in .223, and I'm getting ready to try it in 308 when my Varget runs out.

M1A Shooter
05-08-2010, 18:11
what bullet weight are you going to be useing in 308?