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05-09-2010, 09:26
I have acquired my first 10mm pistol recently and have acquired a lot of info and am trying to build my own little stockpile of relevent info but I have been very frustrated at how widely dispursed the data is all over the internet. There are many fine forums with this one I think the best but what I felt we needed was an easy way for everyone to share files and info in an organized manner instead of the random forum discussion format.

What I have done is create a yahoo group for "10mm guns" that has centrally available file space for database, spreadsheet and image files along with an area for user created links all in centrally located and organized spaces. The yahoo discussion capability
is far short of this format so I think it could best be considered a supplemental FILE AND DATA SHARING resource to the info shared here in this forum.

Please check this out and take a look around at some of the data I have already uploaded. I have several PDF loading manuals and many scans and screen shots of other loading data and pistols yet to upload but there is no need for all of us to have to recreate all this data independently

Yes I am aware Yahoo requires joining but in reality there is very little difference between joining here. Yahoo just has a lot more features and offerings in other areas. Yahoo BTW, hosts more forums than any other entity on the internet.
Honestly though their forum discussion capability pales considerably compared to what we have here.

Check it all out and let me hear of any ideas on how we can best take advantage of the yahoo GROUP FILES SHARING capability.


Scott in Atlanta

PS. look at all the Photo Data on 10mm Bullets
in the PHOTOS section

05-09-2010, 18:22

You done good. I figured one can't have enough 10mm info. Looks like a great resoucre you have started. I hope everyone hear will add their knowldge so we can have a one stop shop for 10mm info and load data that can be quickly accessed.

should repost in 10mm reloading section of glock talk

05-10-2010, 10:16
I just added info on all the 10mm bullets I could find to the
PHOTOS section at the Yahoo group site

05-11-2010, 08:52
Relatively new to 10MM myself and have found the same scattered data that you have. Just joined your group. Thanks