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05-10-2010, 06:41

First post here, so you're the folks I need to talk to...

Will be getting a pair of Glocks on Wednesday- a G21 and G30. Also have a Gemtech Blackside. Will be getting a threaded barrel from Gemtech for the G21, and will see if they have a shorter barrel for the G30.

I'm a geezer, and sometimes have problems with fine motor control, due to arthritis and severe disk disease. I used to sell Glocks years ago, but truth to tell, wasn't happy with the first generation of their trigger systems. Now, with the new third generation weapons, I'm back.

Is it hard to put in the NY trigger in the 8lb. category, for either G21 or G30? What else would I need to make these already improved trigger systems/weapons more fitting to my needs? Safety is my primary concern.

I've used Glocks over the years, and have always been impressed by their rugged dependability. I'm now needing weapons that are simple, reliable, and easy to use, and, with a minimum of fumbling. From SOCOM/SpecOps friends, they all recommend the Glocks. So, those are what I'm getting.

I'll soon be ordering stainless steel guide rods and springs from Lone Wolf Distributing. These are "drop-in." What about the NY triggers? And, whatever else I might need?

For sighting, on the G21, I'll be using Insight Technologies' M6X... What would you suggest for the G30?

Any, and all help you can give, I'd greatly appreciate- Thanks!

Glad to be here,

OldArcher, out...

05-10-2010, 15:59
Lone Wolf offers threaded barrels for the G21
And threaded barrels for the G30

Check out this thread regarding the NY triggers

Stainless guide rods are all drop in. You can tune the single GR (G21) by increasing or decreasing the spring weight. The G30 spring weight is fixed.

05-13-2010, 04:13
Hi JR!

Picked-up my new G21 and G30 yesterday. MUCH better than their first generations. Both are with factory night sights, and bought them Insight M6Xs. Triggers were/are a joy. No slop, although a couple of SFs in the same models had very poor triggers. Go figure. Am very happy, however with the ones I got.

Will order their threaded barrels and drop-in ss recoil guide and springs from you tomorrow, when my cc is pumped up. I really appreciate your help, and hope that you'll consider a spare parts kit/list for both models.

The third generation of the Glocks is most impressive. Haven't "seen" any Fours yet- just read about them/seen pictures, but may add those next year... My Beretta 92/M9A1s may be living on borrowed time... The competition G17, can't remember its number, looks pretty good for 92/M9A1 replacement...

Commonality, it's a good thing...

Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll be doing lots of business with you in the future!

OldArcher, out...