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05-10-2010, 15:43
I'm a police officer in So Cal. My current assignment has me wearing a tactical vest w/molle attachments. I go hands on quite often. I would like to carry a fixed blade knife on my vest or belt, but I am unable to find one where the sheath provides any type of retention. Know of any?

Thank you.

George Tichbourne
05-10-2010, 17:03
Two types of blade retention come to mind immediately, formed kydex and magnetic.

The formed kydex requires an interferance fit point to bedesigned into the blade or bolster that the kydex can be moulded into to prevent the blade being removed from the sheath without having to overcome the drag of the moulded kydex.

The second requires the sheath maker to build a couple of rare earth magnets into the sheath to prevent the knife from dropping from the sheath by its own weight. I normally use two rare earth magnets rated at 7 pounds each to retain the knife in the sheath .