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05-11-2010, 13:24
Is there a solid 40 cal bullet with a tough and not-plated jacket lighter than 155 gr ?

Speer is the only company I know of that has a FMJ in 155gr. All other solid bullets are heavier unless they are plated instead of jacketed.

Rainier has a 135 and 155gr bullet but they are plated and I have heard rumors that when driven at max load speeds their copper coated plating comes off ?

Precision Delta's lightest solid is 165 gr.

Interestingly I happen to have the length of the Barnes 140gr HP pure copper bullet and at .682" in length, it is longer than Precision Delta's 180gr bullet at .595 "

Scott in Atlanta

05-14-2010, 13:21
Montana Gold has 155gr. FMJ 40cal. bullets. I don't see one lighter than that on their site.