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05-12-2010, 19:04
Howdy All,

1. Did a quick search with no success. The question is-----

2. Does anyone know if the Rossi Model 68 ( .38 Spc, 5 shot, 2") is similar enough to the S&W J Frame to fit in the same formed leather holster??

3. It looks the same, acts (rotates) the same way, not quite as butter smooth as an old J frame I recommended to the Lady's girlfriends - I did tell her if she didn't buy it, I was going to - she bought it.

4. Any comments welcome.


05-12-2010, 19:14
Yes, the model 68 should be close enough to fit the majority of S@W J frame holsters, as does the Taurus 85's. The only 5 shot snubby that can be iffy are the Ruger SP 101's with their beefier frames...although mine still fits a well worn J frame leather holster.

05-13-2010, 09:09
Thanx Berto, Confirmed my thought.


Glock 17L
05-13-2010, 14:52
As Berto said the Rossi M68 should work in a J Frame S&W holster with the same barrel lenth..
As stated above the Ruger SP101 which is bigger is the same size as a D Frame Colt aka Detective Special as far as holsters go..