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05-13-2010, 15:16
I am of the opinion a semi auto should function, even if not gripped properly. I test my semi autos by holding loose with bent wrist and elbow. I also turn pistol on its side and upside down. I do this very close to backstop given pistol can jump in my hand.

I had a G22 and G23 fail this test. These are fairly recent vintage and may have been that bad run. My G27 which is about 12 years old will pass with nine round mags designed for it, but is jam city with G23 mag. All my 9mm guns pass this test - G26, G19, G17.

So in addition to function test, I guess we are getting into the old question of are glocks best in 9mm.

Look forward to your response. Thanks.

Mas Ayoob
05-13-2010, 16:37
Glock .40 magazines have gone through several updates in the company's continuing quest for perfection. Because of its more violent recoil and higher slide velocity, the .40 S&W round is a challenge for any platform originally designed for 9X19, and cannot be expected to last as long without breakage. However, that said, I've been very pleased with the reliability of my own G22, G23, and G27 pistols.

You might want to run your question by JR Shepard in his Glock Pistol Forum section on GATE, to get his take on it.


05-13-2010, 17:00
I think I may have gotten one of the G22 and G23, that you refer to in this article.

Quote from your article,

"...There have been recent reliability problems with at least three departments, with Glock swapping .40s for 9mms in two, which may be traceable to issues with frames coming off new machinery. However, by and large, the Glock 22 has earned an enviable reputation for reliability..."

Mas Ayoob
05-13-2010, 17:08
Jack, I think your best bet might be calling Glock customer service and arranging for them to take a look at your pistols and magazines.


05-13-2010, 18:00
Actually I called Glock. First word out of their mouth was "limp wrist."
Yes G22 (now sold) and my G23 would work, if I held in firm grip, even firm one handed grip. And both always worked, if I held in two handed grip.

But if I let my one handed grip loosen just a bit, especially in middle rounds of mag, it would jam with either fmj or jhp. I tried a bunch of loads, I could list, but this response is getting long.

I have read, as I am sure you have, discussions on this problem by Chuck Haggard of I think Topeka, KS police dept. Hard to tell from just articles, but he came off to me as stand up guy, who knew his stuff. Their Dept had most problems with lights attached and strangely when shooter took strong grip.

Chuck also mentioned problems often occurring mid mag and had some interesting theories on this, that I admit I could not fully follow.

Indiana State police had problems both with and without lights attached. I know glock exchanged all their G22 for G17 and they are happy campers.

Also from my readings I got a sense of what they went through to get glock to acknowledge problem, as much as glock ever acknowledges a problem. And I am a lowly civilian, who does not influence large purchases of glocks.

So for the $40 or so, that overnight shipping would cost, I really don't expect much from glock, beyond a pin and maybe a glock hat. Now if there was a recall, excuse me, upgrade then I think it would be worthwhile to send back to glock.

Sort of like the old expression about cheaper/easier to just pay the ticket rather than going to court. In this case put the gun on consignment.

Put I think I have strayed from my primary question.

I really think for a defensive semi auto pistol, it is desirable to try to jam it. Then decide, if you are successfuly in jamming, whether you still feel comfortable carrying the pistol and if the condition, that caused the jam is likely to occur in a defensive situation.

I mentioned some of the loose grip, bend wrist, elbow techniques I use to test the pistol. I wonder if you also have some procedures to test a pistol for function and if so what they are. Also do you do different tests for polymer vs. metal frame pistols. Are there particular types of conditions, that are more likely to induce jams in polymer framed pistols?

Do you find that the length of the slide or length of the magazine has any special or unusual affects on the reliability of polymer framed pistols?

What about extra strength mag springs and recoil springs, esp for 40 cal glock pistols. Do you find they increase reliability? I tend to like extra strength mag springs.

Mas Ayoob
05-13-2010, 20:45
Jack, I often run a magazine deliberately limp-wristed, but don't have separate testing protocols for metal- versus polymer-frame pistols. They gotta do the same job, so I run 'em the same way.

I know some folks who've had reliability issues have cured them by going to the latest followers and springs.

With the 1911, the shorter the slide the more finicky the gun, but I can't say I've seen that in Glocks, M&Ps, etc.


05-14-2010, 00:16