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05-14-2010, 16:19
i installed a wolff 21 pound rod and spring assy in my G29 is it a lot more stiff than the stock.....hope it works ok with the .40cal long case, im sure it will with the DT.

anyway it came with a third spring. what is this for? firinf pin spring or something? is it really needed? i put a 22 pound recoil spring in my G20 and it works fine with everything else being stock.

any thoughts?


05-14-2010, 17:25
I'll try this again(wireless router quit)

I use the Wolff non captured recoil rod and the 21 lb spring system on my G-29 100% functional for me, it also works using the Storm Lake 40S&W conversion barrel with 40S&W ammunition. I have a 24 lb spring and it is too strong in my opinion. I'll be testing the LWD 9x25Dillon conversion barrel soon with the 21 lb spring soon, it should function fine with it also.

There are trade offs to haveing too much spring, it make it tought to rack the slide, this can hamper magazine change out and racking to remove non firing ammunition in stressful situations.

The extra small spring is an extra power striker spring, do you need it? Not really but if something happens to your stock spring(weak or broken) it is there for you to place you gun in service again. I still use the stock striker spring in mine.

Best regards, be safe and have fun!

05-14-2010, 17:41
I use the Wolff non captured recoil rod and the 21 lb spring system on my G-29

thats what i got. will try some DT and some .40cal long case this weekend for function check...

05-14-2010, 18:05
BTW...What are you calling 40 cal. long case? Using the term it in place of 10mm or using 40S&W brass with bullets loaded long to be shot in 10mm barrel? Just trying to clarify what you terminology is.

05-14-2010, 18:10
im being a smart ass and trying to be as incidiary as possible to those makers of ammo labled as 10mm but only powered to .40cal levels. esscentially putting out a long cased .40cal load, not a true 10mm.

federal, remington, cci/speer, hornady, winchester....make .40cal long case.

the others make mid powered 10mm loads and only two make true 10mm powered loads.

05-14-2010, 18:30
That's cool! I was just trying to understand where you were coming from. It is a damn shame that the regular players Federal, Remington, CCI/Speer, Hornady(they are fairly warm), Winchester don't produce full power loadings the the 10mm is noted for. The FBI and S&W are to blame as reduced or "10mm Lite" spawned the shorter 40S&W rounds. This has all but removed the 10mm from the most line ups!

There are some people who were actually using 40S&W cases and loading the bullets long in attemps to shoot them in their 10mm barreled guns, while some were successful, it is not a good practice. Bullet material and powder gases and carbon tend to build up at the end of the chamber cut that the case is to head space on. This can make it difficult to impossible to chamber the correct ammunition with out proper cleaning. There are risk of the weaker 40S&W case failing in over presure loadings and the rounds are being held by only the extractor, they may not even fire reliably if not held tightly to the breech face!

Those who have come to know and love the true power of the 10mm understand why it survives today. Long live the 10mm!

05-14-2010, 20:29
Long live the 10mm!

Here Here! (or is it Hear Hear?)