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View Full Version : just bought a mosquito! subsonic ammo q?

05-15-2010, 18:34
and i absolutly love it. i cant remember the last time i spend 200 rounds at the range and not had to skip eating for 3 days after to be able to afford it!

i am curious though, can any recommend a subsonic 22 that will be reliable in this pistol, if one even exists? im guessing it will have to be substantially heavier.

after many recommendations between cost and quality, i bought 40 grain federal game shoks and i didnt have a single feed problem, missfire or failure to cycle into battery issue, so i think im sold on these for plinking... but id like a quieter subsonic round.

if anyone doesnt have experiecne with this firearm, ill guess that anyone with luck with subsonic ammo in a p22 or similiar might be a good place to start.

05-15-2010, 18:38
ps im looking at cci and federal websites and they all post good info on thier ammo, except... for the velocity, it doesnt say the test barrel length. are they getting 1200fps from a 4 inch barrel or some 20 inch rifle barrel... big difference. is there a standard? id like to chrono and see but its going to be a few days before i get the chance.

05-15-2010, 18:47
Your Mosquito should have come with two different recoil springs. Off hand I don't remember which one is the lighter one. I have no issues shooting CCI subsonic rounds thru mine with a Gemtech can on it.
As with any .22 what works in my gun may or may not work in yours and vice a versa. .22's are cheap so buy a box of every brand that you can find and go out and have some fun!

05-17-2010, 11:51
Ditto on CCI subsonic or standard velocity