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05-16-2010, 11:54
I have read that the .40 cal Glocks were designed around the 180 grain bullet and are not set up to handle regular use with full-power 165/155 grain ammo. Is this indeed the case and will the use of the lighter grain ammo significantly reduce service life?


05-16-2010, 14:48
I have never heard such a thing. I think the first load offered in 40 was a 180 gr bullet.... so one might reason that all pistols developed at that time are also "designed around" the 180? This may or may not be true, I guess it depends on where you want to stand?

It is my experience the 40 runs excellent on everything it is fed.

05-17-2010, 21:13
Good to hear. I am a big fan of the 155 grain in this caliber. Thanks for the reply JR!