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05-16-2010, 19:40
A lot of people seem to carry a longer mag for reloading their glocks. For example someone carrys a G19 pistol but has a G17 mag for reload.

My question concerns reloading with longer mag at slide lock and especially a hard reload with the mag inserted with force.

In this situation no top round will hit the bottom of the slide to prevent over insertion. Also the baseplate will not hit the bottom of the grip to prevent over insertion.

What will stop over insertion are little ledges on the side of the mag and the inside of mag well. So my question. Under these condition do you know of incidents when the mag went passed the little ledges and jammed in too far?

Jim Yeager claims this can and has happened. I called glock and they said not to worry.

05-16-2010, 22:14
If damage were to occur you would have to jam the magazine past the slide lock lever and through the mag release.
I highly doubt this has ever happened