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05-17-2010, 15:33
Hi Mr. Emerson,

Try as I might, I just can't find anything I like better than this knife. The only reason I'm trying is that the clip is not reversible.

Is there any reason I can't drill and tap the non-clip side to accept a clip?

Would you mind providing (or pointing me to) some instructions with highlights of doing this, including gotchas in assembly/re-assembly, drill size and tap size/TPI?


Ernest Emerson
05-24-2010, 17:05
Dear Mark,

Yes you can drill and tap the opposite side for the clip. As to the specs, we used thread forming (Roll Tap) taps for all of our holes. The size is a 2-56 Roll tap and the drill size is .078(5/64) drill. Use the pocket clip to drill through so your holes line up with it.

Please Note
These specs are for the Roll tap only. It will not work for a conventional thread cutting tap. The holes will be too large.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson