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05-17-2010, 16:38
Hi.. I'm looking at the barrel conversions for my Glock22 to 9mm.
Realistically I want just the stock replacement, nothing fancy, just want to shoot 9mm rounds out of it.

On several sites that sell conversion barrels, there's different types:
Ported, compensated, with/without chokes, 2 port, threaded etc.. and the different lengths with the previous combo's. I have the length part figured out.. but I don't understand why or what a ported or compensated barrel would do for me?

I tried looking for a FAQ, but there so much info it's becoming a headache to try and read through everything.

Thank you!

05-17-2010, 21:22
Lone Wolf offers plenty of G22 9mm conversions. See them here
We offer all these variations because everybody wants to do something different with their guns:
1 The extended 2 port barrels offer a little more muzzle control than the stock length barrels.
2 The threaded barrels offer a means in which to attach muzzle breaks, comps or even real suppressors.
3 The extended length barrels offer you more velocity or allow you to add a longer slide to your G19 frame