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Alex g30
05-18-2010, 09:25
I recently purchased g33 and have put 400 rds through it. During this time I have numerous failure to feed issues. I know most firearms need a break in period even Glocks. I say this because while i was a LEO In the NYPD and transition course from 38 cal to 9mm the made us run 200 + rds before we shot hollow points through g19. I also called Glock with this question. They did verify the break in period. I have shot speer's and cor bon hollow points both hung up on the feed ramp. Also during that time i had two slide locks while rounds were still in the mags. I'm not limp wristing or letting my thumbs get in the way of the slide lock. I really enjoy this caliber. It packs some punch. My question is, is it time for it to go back or should i put 100rds through it to see if it corrects it self. FMJ are no problem.

05-18-2010, 21:33
After 400 rds you should have broke it in good enough. I would polish the feed ramp or contact the dealer that sold it to you for some help