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05-20-2010, 15:44
Anyone drilled and tapped the other side of their CQC-7 so the clip can be reversed?

If so, please share details. I'd rather not ruin the knife :whistling:

05-21-2010, 08:27
Problem solved.

You probably all think I'm, umm, unobservant, since the cqc-7bw is ground on only one side, and therefore is better suited for right hand carry.

Turns our there is a left-handed version, which is fine with me. FYI -

05-21-2010, 08:50
... Emerson Knives will reverse the clip for a modest fee, at least on a knife newly ordered from them.

That doesn't change the lock or the blade grind.

Actually, from the pictures on, the blade grind isn't changed for a "left-hand" knife either.