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05-20-2010, 17:54
I wanted to ask here if anyone has experience with Cold Steel knives. Specifically, I'm curious to know about the "Ultra-Lock" locking system on some of their folders. They seem to be discontinuing it and now using a "Triad" locking system for their folding knives.

I've heard that CS had to pay a licensing fee to be able to use the "Ultra-Lock" system, but that they own the rights to the "Triad" lock. Makes good business sense. Not sure if it's true, but then I'm not really interested in that anyway.

I've heard also that the Triad lock-up is supposedly stronger. What I wanted to know is if anyone's had any trouble with the "Ultra-Lock" system failing to be a strong enough lock-up for tactical or survival use...?

05-22-2010, 10:00
The Ultra-Lock was a licensed copy of the Axis lock from Benchmade. Excellent locking system. I've been using an Axis knife of one sort or another since BM came out with it. CS's version is very good too. Never had any problems with reliability, even with fine sand and silt getting into the mechanism. Became gritty but still worked and locked up. Some folks have had the springs break, but that is generally few and far between.
The Triad lock is a heavier duty improvement on the traditional lockback setup. The lock's designer, Andrew Demko works for CS these days. In my opinion the Triad is one heck of a strong lock. I have a couple pieces with it and have beat on them pretty hard with perfect results so far. Time will tell, but I think it's a winner. CS has hung like 500lbs+ on a Triad lock without fail, but in testing I've seen smaller Axis knives hold 300lbs or so without problems. I prefer the smoother action that comes with the Axis system.

05-24-2010, 14:45
Thank you very much, sir. :thumbsup: