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05-22-2010, 09:04
I know that at least one mfgr. sells a barrel for the G20 and G29 chambered in 9mm, has anyone shot 9mm out of their G20 or G29 pistol?

Just a sheer curiosity.

05-22-2010, 10:04
I have not tried the 9mm conversion so I can't say if it works & functions correctly. But the extractor rims are smaller on the 9mmLuger/Para casing that the 10mm or 40S&W. Although there are many variants of 9mm's out there, like the Largo, 9X23, Winchester Super, 38Super, etc. This smaller ejection rim(casing slipping off the extractor) may cause issues of unreliabity...stove pipe type jams come to mind here. The other thing is magazines.

If it were me I would opt for the 357Sig barrel if you wanted the best 9mm projectile performance. I have the 9x25Dillon for my G-29 and it is really too short for the proper performance that the cartridge is capable of. With some powder selection and careful loading I expect to see better results.

Maybe someone will share more knowledge as to it's use.
Best regards!

Retired Squid
05-23-2010, 07:17
I have always liked the 357 Sig round, but thought that it was probably done for the same reason S&W did the forty and it just never took off. The thing is why 357 Sig except as an attempt to cash in on the 357 name and mystic. The round is very fast, potent, and flat shooting, but very loud.

The thing is the 38 Super has been around forever and is a flat shooting fast round that had become a favorite of law enforcement and criminal up through WWII. Then came the end of WWII and arrival of cheap surplus 1911's and 45ACP ammo and in less then 5 years the round became lost to everyone except the shooter's using them in competition.

When I went to 10mm from 45 ACP I was about to go to 38 Super but instead went to 10mm just because of the huge choice of bullets compared to 38 Super/357mag calibers for hand loading. But if I was not a hand loader I would have gone 38 Super, because it was a well proved round and easier to find 5 years ago and even today then 10mm is even today.