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05-23-2010, 19:52
I posted in general and they refered me here.

I have a 29sf and a Lone wolf .40 conversion barrel.Today it shot for a while then jammed. The slide stayed back and the round seemed to be pinned under the feed ramp. When I dropped the mag the round stayed in the mag but the slide was locked back and would not release. I finally just bumped the slide pretty hard and it released. Tried it 2 more times and the same thing after 2-3 rounds. I was using Blazer ammo which cycled fine for 50 rounds last weekend. The only upgrades to the pistol are night sights and a 3.5 ghost trigger. Any ideas?

05-25-2010, 15:04
Some of the early 29/30 pistols had a tight spot located at the front sight hole. Look at your slide and verify the front sight screw is recessed. If it is not recessed check the top of the barrel for unusual marks. The mark would indicate a jam point.

05-25-2010, 17:34
Sight screw is not recessed, but there are no marks from it on the barrel.

05-25-2010, 17:55
I am trying to visualize this situation: You fired the gun and it went to slide lock. You depress the slide stop and nothing happens? The slide remains open. You bump the slide forward and it finally closes?
If this is true the barrel is jamming the slide open. You have an early G29. This barrel requires an aggressive slope cut into the the hood. Once the slope is cut the barrel will drop down far enough to pick up the next round.
Return the barrel to LWD. Include this message so we know what we are dealing with. Make sure all your contact info is there and mark the outside of the package attention Dan.

PS: This is not the place to deal with these type issues. You get WAY faster service by contacting LWD through regular business channels.

06-01-2010, 22:06
Packaged up the 40 conv and the 9x25 conv and sent to LW today. I took the 29 back to the range and recreated the situation and paid close attention. Now if the gunsmith from LW calls I can have some correct answers. Everything is the same except the round wasnt under the ramp like I had thought. I can see now where the slide is leaving marks on the barrels and jamming. When you say early 29 how early do you mean? My serial is MKL 43x. I hope all goes well I am looking forward to working this out with LW. Thanks Dale.

06-02-2010, 13:18
All early G29's had the same issue. The problem was resolved by counter sinking the front sight hole. Glock Inc will not tell you the serial number the counter sinking started at so the serial number does not define the date.
BTW: This is a perfect example of why you need to avoid contacting LWD on this board to resolve product issues. Your first contact was 5/23. Here it is 6/2 and you are just getting the barrels sent off. Had you called the office or emailed me direct you would have received the same information and been ahead of the game by 12 days.

06-02-2010, 18:27
JR, I understand your point. I needed to know if I had a Glock problem or a LW problem. I did call LW and only got a phone answerer who just said IDK mail it in. I also called back and talked to someone who said the gunsmith was out to lunch call back. I like to know what Im doing rather than just sending the barrel off and hope for the best. I also had to determine on my own if the issue was only the 40 barrel or the 9x25 as well, so I came here. Im not in a big hurry or anything so all is well. The only point I do ponder is since this situation is well known about at LW, nobody said anything about potential problems with the 29sf in the LW ads or on the phone when I gathered prepurchase information. So I will apologize for wasting your time here but I doubt LW will apologize for wasting mine. Thankyou Dale.

06-02-2010, 21:35
The person who answered the phone evidently did not know what the problem was.... but they did know somebody here could figure it out if we have the barrel in hand. That was the best answered you were going to get at that moment. Had you emailed the question (to any LWD address) it would have been passed along to me or the Armorer and you would have received a response 12 days sooner.

I am sorry you feel we wasted your time. We are pretty open about 1% of our barrels failing for some reason or another. We can not hit 100%... Neither can Glock. If you haven't guessed by now, yours is one of the 1%. Hey, this is not about you having a problem. It is about how fast we get the problem handled. Unfortunately this time, because of the delays, WE SUCK. I whole heartedly agree, 12 days got wasted. If the delay don’t bother you then maybe we suck a little less?

06-03-2010, 04:17
Due to my work hours, holidays and my own indecision are the reason for the 12 days not yours at all. LW does not suck, I love the fact you make products I want available at reasonable prices. After talking to you and listening to what others have said, I feel very confident you guys will take care of me. I realize this is an oddball situation and appreciate the fact you do stand behind your product. This reason alone will secure me as a LW customer in the future. I am feeling no anxiety or pressure in this situation, I look forward to getting your barrels back and enjoying them for a long time. Again I really do thank youfor your time and attention I have learned alot. Dale

06-03-2010, 10:54
Cool beans! We will get you rolling ASAP

07-26-2010, 16:47

Dan at LW took great care of me. Talked on the phone and he made all the right adjustments after our talk. Due to my work hours I just got to test drive the fixed barrels and they work flawlessly now. Great customer service and knowledgable gunsmiths who care about getting it right. Thanks JR and Dan I am well satisfied. LW will get more of my money and I will recomend highly to others. Dale

07-26-2010, 16:52
I love it when a plan comes together.... its even better if its a good plan.