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View Full Version : my G38 w/ TLR-1 needs iwb holster

05-24-2010, 01:14
I've searched around for bit .. raven phatom LC model seems pretty good . good reviews from members here too .. but i even send email to the company today , because i did not find one for my G38 ( but they did have it for Glock37 =[ though ) ..

2nd , i was gona go with crossbreed .. but they also dont make with tactical light .. bummer ..

i found bladetech holster .. but i wasnt sure about their product ( could not find any reviews )

guys little help here ?

05-24-2010, 19:38
just got off the phone with guy from raven company ... they said i can go with holster for glock37 ..

i dont know if they were trying to just sell the product or what ..

06-01-2010, 20:01
just ordered for glock 37 ...

they said they are in deep order 70-75 days O_O !

holy S*** !!

06-10-2010, 19:53
Blade-Tech makes very good holsters. I have a Blade-Tech NANO IWB holster for both my G38 and G17. Well made and comfortable to carry.