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05-24-2010, 12:05
Oregon Security Training
"Be Safe Out There!"

DPSST Armed Security Up-Grade, Un-Armed "BASIC", Alarm Monitor, and Refresher/Renewal training courses.

We offer Armed, and Un-Aemed Security training on a regularly scheduled basis in the PDX/Metro area, and we travel for groups of four (4) or more State Wide.

Oregon CHL classes

ASP/Expandable Baton, O.C. Pepper Spray, Handcuffing, & Use of Force training

Please contact us via this post or PM/E-mail

Ladies and gentlemen please remember...

"Be Safe Out There!"


01-10-2014, 16:15
Defensive Firearms Instruction is a veteran owned company that takes pride in offering the very best training possible. We offer a variety of services including; Security, DPSST Armed, DPSST Unarmed, ASP Baton, ASP Tactical Handcuffing, Defense Technology OC / Pepper Spray, Concealed Handgun Courses, and Tactical Weapons Manipulation Courses. We do not shortcut our training ensuring our students have the greatest chance of success in the field.

Defensive Firearms Instruction, LLC
Iain Schaefer Phone: 541-510-1029
Website: http://www.defensivefirearmsinstruction.org
Email: training@d-fai.com

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 71626
Springfield, OR 97475

01-10-2014, 22:05
Wow. I posted this thread about 4 years ago. Good to meet other professional trainers out there.

Oregon has a good program and a training curriculum that has proven itself effective.

Thank you for your Service to our country.