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05-24-2010, 20:20
Hey everyone,
I have been reading through old threads on gt for the last couple of days trying educate myself on holsters and all the different options. I have read hundreds of different opinions from hundreds of different people and I realize that everyone has their preferences and what works for them. But, I will ask anyway!

I am looking for an owb holster for my g20. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking in the mountains here in Wyoming so concealment is not an issue. I need a comfortable holster that I can wear on long hikes through the mountains, on some rugged terrain. I like the idea of a paddle holster for easy on and off, but question the comfort of one after a few miles of hiking. I also like the idea of something like the serpa level 2 holsters that have that added retention, although I am not crazy about thumb breaks.

I am a bigger guy, 6'2" about 285lbs and wear a size 40 jean (approx). I know I am most likely going to go through a couple holsters before I find one that I really like but I hope I can keep it to just a couple holsters before I find one that I like.

Thanks in advance

EDIT I hope this is the correct forum. There are so many subfolders here on gt and I hope there isnt a more appropriate area I missed.

05-24-2010, 21:00
check out

I got a simply rugged holster for my g-20. It is a handmade leather holster. With a chest conversion kit you can carry it on your chest much better for hiking. You may also be able to get a horizontal shoulder rig. The holster can also be used owb strongside or cross draw. Add IWB straps that can be easily removed and it does it all. IWB straps are free on special last time I checked.

I will put up pictures within a few weeks.

05-24-2010, 21:05
Thanks for the link, ill check it out now. I tried a friends shoulder rig, and that would be an option for me half of the time. With my larger frame pack, the shoulder rig is a bit awkward for me. Push comes to shove ill pick up a shoulder holster to use when I am not using the frame pack, but I would rather have something that I can use all the time.

05-25-2010, 15:10
Also check out "Optics Planet". They usually have great prices and free shipping. Lots of holsters there.

I got my Bianchi 7 Shadow II for my G20 from them and absolutely love it. Fits perfect and no breaking in required.

Angry Fist
05-25-2010, 17:59
Uncle Mike's #5....

05-25-2010, 21:49
Thanks for the suggestions. That Bianchi is a good looking holster. As for the unkle mikes #5, what does the #5 refer to? Am I just looking in the wrong place on unkle mikes webpage and not seeing the reference to that?

Angry Fist
05-25-2010, 21:55
Size 5... for large autopistols. I have a hip holster for my G20, and with a 6" barrel it still covers, no barrel sticking out. I also picked up a cheep horizontal shoulder rig for it that's pretty good on eBay for $35. The MTAC slide IWB is on its way....