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05-29-2010, 17:30

small ,light weight ,power house....

05-29-2010, 18:04
Not a heck of a lot different ballistically from the HD .38/44 loads. 200gr @ approaching 1000 fps. Basically a mid power .357 hunting load in a .38 case.

Out of a bulldog they'd be awfully similar indeed, if you used soft enough lead in the .38 bullet. I don't know anyone who'd chop a HD .38/44 to make one, but it'd be nice to have one with a 3" barrel. I want to be able to shoot cheap .38 reloads for practice, though, so I'm sticking to calibers that start with '3'.

05-29-2010, 19:30
.357 Dia. vs .430 Dia...I like the fat bullets...you don't have to rely on expandtion..or lack of expandtion.

05-30-2010, 13:36
A special .44 Special Bulldog Pug.

05-31-2010, 05:34
those are some nice looking C.A. bulldog .44spls.

i had bad luck with two of them in the '80'sbut hear that some have gotten good samples of the new breed. but it still seems hit or miss on quality even today.

if you get a good one its damn good, but if you get a bad one even the factory cant make it right....

05-31-2010, 18:38
This is a great one...I've had several Charter firearms...only sent two in for repair ..I dropped a old undercover just right and it hit a rock ..breaking the grip frame...they repaired it ...the other was a very old 38 undercover...my buddy put a box of 50 +ps down the tube..locked it up...they repaired it..sent a note explaining the older 38s aren't made to digest a steady diet of +P...


06-01-2010, 08:58
I agree, the 44 Special IS Special - I just like S&W's more...


Take care,
Bob S.

Two Guns
06-01-2010, 11:41
Here is my Old and very used Bulldogin 44 special.I will always have this gun even if it cost me about $200.

06-01-2010, 19:13
Those S&W's are sweet..but if i was going to a large frame i'd buy a 44mag ,,,and dose it with Specials

06-05-2010, 19:24
Those S&W's are sweet..but if i was going to a large frame i'd buy a 44mag ,,,and dose it with Specials
Yeah, but then you get the heavy barrel (unless you spend extra to get a Mountain Gun). I think the .44 Special is at its best in the 5 shot revolvers like the S&W 696 and the Taurus 431, but a model 24 or 624 is a fantastic woods gun.

06-05-2010, 20:40
I agree Taurus 431 and also those Rossi 720 and 721's are great carry pieces.

06-06-2010, 05:20
One of my favorites. S&W 696, .44 Special. :wow:

06-06-2010, 13:53
One of my favorites. S&W 696, .44 Special. :wow:
I agree. I had two of them, and used them as my hiking and camping guns. The problem was that when the going rate hit $900, I just couldn't make myself take the 696's out in the rain anymore. I sold them both. I now have a Taurus 431. It's not nearly the gun the 696's were, but I can get it soaking wet and covered in pine needles and not feel bad.

06-06-2010, 22:31
Nice .44's !