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05-30-2010, 09:22
I have been reloading for some time but this is my first foray into the 10mm relm. I have 1lb. of Longshot, 180 gr. XTP's, WLP and once fired brass (DT, Starline and PMC). Can anyone give me a good recipe (from personal experience) for a carry load using the listed components out of a G29.

I purchased Longshot due to it being a relatively fast powder when compared to the top 10mm powders (800x, Power Pistol, blue dot, AA#9) in hopes it would help with the shorter barrel. I would use 800x but it seems it does not meter well. I wanted to try Power Pistol but my local Bass Pro does not carry it and I don't like Haz-Mat fees so I went with Longshot.

I also have a bunch of Berry's 180 plated FP's for practice loads. If you have a suggestion for that as well it would be appreciated. I have a chronograph but I figured if someone has already figured out good loads for each of these it will save me some time and more importantly $$$ in components. I was going to start 9.0 grains and work up. FYI I am loading with a Lee Classic turret with Pro auto disk powder measure and I use the factory crimp die as well.

Thanks in advance. :wavey:

05-30-2010, 12:48
Here is a pdf copy of my current spreadsheet for Longshot Loads. I was using Montana Gold 180gr. JHP for all those loads. Was shooting a stock g20.

05-30-2010, 17:01
Thanks stovetop535....

That is some good info. Looks like 9.5 may give me the 1250 fps I was looking for out of the shorter G29 barrel. I may start there as Hornady lists it as max for that bullet weight and it is still well below SAAMI spec of 37,500.
Is it safe to assume approx. 75 fps. drop from G20 to G29 barrel?

05-30-2010, 18:24
I have read online that it is approximately that much of a drop with the different barrel. Good luck and let us know how the loads turn out.