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Sheepdog Scout
05-31-2010, 22:39
I was wandering around the GA website and stumbled on something. Why is their "Canned Heat" 165gr 1000 pack $390.00.

But their other 165gr FMH 1000 pack $400.00?

Is it because the "Canned Heat'' doesn't have regular packaging?:dunno:

I figured I'd get 165/180 gr ammo for target practice. But I'll still get some full power from somewhere (BB?) for the fun of it/ carry when the woods.

And I'll be saving all my brass, for when I get into reloading. But even w/ shipping GA is still .09 a round cheaper than around my parts. It adds up after a while.


Course I very interested in the Double Tap 230gr "Equalizer" rounds. And I'm giddy like a school girl to be in the 10mm realm now. And I haven't even shot my 20 yet.

Have any of you ever used GA 9mm or .40 ammo? I might buy some of that too. I need to check WM for 9mm, but what I normally buy for .40 would be $60 cheaper per 1000 I buy at Scheels. (UMC Remington)

05-31-2010, 23:31
Canned Heat is reloads shipped in a surplus military ammo can (hence the "canned" part). The second link is NEW manufacture ammunition with virgin (never been loaded yet) brass.

Sheepdog Scout
05-31-2010, 23:35
Ah, thanks. I new the canned heat stuff came in the ammo cans. But I didn't know that they were reloads. The site (at least as I saw it) didn't mention anything about the "canned heat'' being reloads.

05-31-2010, 23:44
If it says "NEW" in the title, it's new ammo. If it doesn't say it, it's reloads. Kind of confusing but that's what the difference is. The Canned Heat is simply bulk ammo in ammo cans; it can be new or reloads just look for the nomenclature.

Sheepdog Scout
06-01-2010, 00:10
Now that I looked through all the handgun "canned heat" ammo. I finally noticed that some of it has ''new'' in their title and some don't. It'd be easier if they stuck that word in the same place in each title. Some have ''new'' at the beginning and some at the end of the description.:dunno:

I need to sleep now. Thanks.:faint::faint::faint:It's late

06-04-2010, 01:34
GA is good target ammo from what i hear....but i can get CCI and RGB fmj here locally.

06-04-2010, 08:01
It would be cheaper in the long run and much easier to get a LW 40 conversion barrel and shoot 40 for practice at the range. Then its nice to you don't have to stock up. You can buy a couple boxes of 40 when your at walmart for 13 bucks each. I also run the 22conversion and that might be even more fun cuz you can just spray the bullets like crazy with no thought at all about the money. Most practice 10mm such as GA is only a little more powerful then 40 anyways.

Just load some full power 10mm for every range session you know maybe 5 to 25 rounds whatever you can afford. I shoot off a few hundred 22's then about 50 or 100 rounds of 40 and finish it off with double tap. I just shoot the double tap thats been chambered a few times in my gun to avoid bullet setback.

40 barrel is 113 shipped from dillon precision. They got 22 conversion on gunbroker.