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06-01-2010, 18:59
Question, other than the main metal parts, is there molded in metal parts. I was wondering about the trigger pin. Is there a metal bushing there or is the metal pin just going through plastic. Is there metal under the plastic rail. More?


06-07-2010, 21:50
I've owned my P380 for less than 72 hours... Gave it quick spray with Breake free and wiped down. Shot about 75 rounds thru it... brought it home to clean - and I noticed that the right side polymer rail is being chewed up - OR the gun came to me that way... (and I just didn't notice when I gave it a quick cleaning)... I admit my vision is not as it used to be.... And I really don't remember the rail being chewed up - when I first wiped it down...

Anyone else????

Has this happened to your P380????

AZ Traveler
06-09-2010, 17:18
Chewed Polymer rails on Kahrs are normal. The are only there to guide alignment during re-assembly.

See the Mythbusting the "poly only" PM Kahr rails mystery... stickyed post above.