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06-02-2010, 13:11
I finally received my Hogue 12" stock for my Remington 870 a few weeks ago. The recoil pad must be removed prior to installing the stock onto the shotgun. According to the instructions, the pad may be removed by placing a thin Phillips screwdriver through two slits in the pad and loosening the screws. I have attempted this procedure repeatedly without any success. I can't seem to find the screw heads through the slits. Extremely frustrating. Has anyone accomplished this feat? Any tips or tricks to it? Thanks.

06-02-2010, 16:49
put some gun oil on the end of your screwdriver and spread the recoil pad apart at the top and about 2/3 of the way down. its hard to see them but they are there. the oily screwdriver helps it turn inside the slits

06-02-2010, 22:05
Thanks for the reply. I tried again and failed. Still can't get to the screw heads. How exactly do you "spread the recoil pad apart"? Do you know of any youtube site that shows how it's done? :wavey:

06-16-2010, 16:01
I took the shotgun and Hogue stock to a gunsmith this afternoon. Mission finally accomplished. Looks nice and fits perfectly. :wavey:

06-16-2010, 19:36
It's kinda hard to explain, but if you are looking at the buttpad take both of your thumbs and pull each way apart from each other and two nearly invisible slits will open up. One is near the top and the other one is further down.

06-22-2010, 00:41
Timely that I should see this. I have a Hogue 12" LOP OM stock arriving soon for my Winchester 1300 Defender. Thanks for the info! It will go on this gun when I don't need the birdshead.


06-26-2010, 00:05
I took my Remington 870 with the new Hogue stock to the range today, fired 25 target loads and 15 00 buckshot. The shorter stock helped shouldering the weapon more easily. Much more natural motion for me vs. the standard 14" stock. I did not notice much difference in recoil with the light target loads, but it did seem to reduce the recoil of the 00 buckshot. I still knew I was shooting a 12 gauge, not a .22 LR. No big bruise this time, just a little stiff. Good luck, DHart. :wavey:

06-26-2010, 16:16
They do come with a nice recoil pad on them. The one on my Mossberg was rock hard

06-26-2010, 17:33
I got my Hogue OM 12" LOP stock the other day and, yes accessing the screws takes a little more effort than with most stocks. Tight-tight fit for the screwdriver. Got her done, though. I wouldn't want to have to do a lot of swapping on and off with this buttstock! But what a nice feel this stock has... I love it. Makes for a very nice, tidy little tactical shotgun. Sweet. My 1300 Defender with 18" barrel and 8-shot capacity is just 36" long with this stock. I like it.


Fired some 00 Buck with it today and it did a nice job. Can't put my thumb over the top of the stock when rifle-sighting, though, or the thumb will hit the nose quite hard and abruptly when firing! I had heard about that before from Clint Smith.... and confirmed it when shooting today!