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06-02-2010, 16:45
I've heard that BB tests true to their advertised numbers while DT is a little under. Does anyone have real chrony data?

Buffalo Bore:
45 ACP +P Ammo - 230 gr. FMJ-FN (950 fps/M.E. 461 ft. lbs. -5" 1911)

Double Tap:
45 ACP Ammo - 230 gr. FMJ (1010fps/ 521 ft./lbs. - 5" 1911)

Big Sam
06-02-2010, 19:22
I can get you half way there. I tested the Double Tap stuff in my G30 and G21. The numbers are not what you would expect

1. Double Tap 230gr FMJ FN

G30 815 fps
G21 875 fps

2. Double Tap 230gr Gold Dots

G30 860 fps
G21 890 fps

The ammo all came in on the same order from Double Tap and was fired on the same day. I do not think a 5" barrel is going to give the advertised velocity but I don't own a 5" 45 and can't prove it. Despite the poor showing of the flat nosed ammo, I am very impressed with the 230gr Gold Dots in my G30. Full power, easy shooting and reliable. I made it my carry ammo.

My experience with Buffalo Bore has been with 9mm and 38's. I would fully expect them to go at least as fast as they claim. I would try them in 45 but really do not want more recoil.

Claymore 51
06-02-2010, 19:38
I would be interested in anyones experience also. I was looking at the Bufflo Bore 230 FMJ FN.

06-02-2010, 22:06
I got an ave. of 984 fps with DT 230 FMJ in a full size 1911, SD was a low 14 fps and accuracy was good for the firearm.

I have not chronoed any BB, but would be happy to if you send them my way.

06-03-2010, 20:32
I have not bought any 45 ACP from BB, but I can tell you the other calibers I have purchased meet or exceed the stated velocity. I had also bought a lot of DT, until I got a chronometer. I have found everything I have to be below the stated velocity, with maybe one odd round meeting the specification. That included 45 ACP. I fell for it again in that DT was offering 357 sig with Seirra 125 JHP bullets, with an advertised velocity of 1,450 fps from a 4" barrel. I have tested about 30 rounds so far with two different 4" barrelled guns. The average is around 1,380fps. However, I did have one round that went 1,431 fps. BB is more expensive, but at least they give real world velocities.

06-05-2010, 00:50
Not sure of the velocity but I can tell you that the 230 grain BB FMJ flat point will shoot through about 5 inches of spruce wood. This is out of a Glock 36. Standard 230 grain hardball will go through about 4 inches.

06-09-2010, 21:41
I'd love some more input - anyone else?