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06-02-2010, 20:55
Maybe some of you fine forum members can help me out. I had a PM9 and sold it a couple of yrs. ago, I know, I know-dumbaz. I really shot well with the PM9 and I now have the funds to get another. I was thinking about getting the PM45-I like .45, but I am aware that in short barrel pistols velocity, penetration, and etc. are compromised.

-Anyone done any chronos?
-Anyone or manufacturer have special short barrel ammo. and have you used it?
-How is the recoil between the two?
-Has Kahr seemed to have worked out the problems with PM45 that have been reported in the past?

Thanks for the help!!!!
*(Yes I did try the search function, most of my questions were not found.)

06-03-2010, 02:58
I have done chronograph tests with my PM9 and found that when compared to a Browning Hi Power,the Kahr lost about 40 to 50 fps.The results were consitent with both factory ammo and my reloads.I don`t own a 45 [yet] so I can`t comment on them.You might be well served to post your question on the Kahrtalk forum.There are some highly knowledgeable people there and I`m sure they can answer any question that you may have concerning the PM45.Good luck.

06-03-2010, 15:36
Anyone or manufacturer have special short barrel ammo. and have you used it?

I've used both - they are good. No failures.

06-05-2010, 12:11
I have had the PM 9 before and sold it. Was very nice. Got another

last year --shoots fine. I also have and shoot both PM 45 and P 45.

I have not had any problems with PM 45, Shoots great. PM 45 will kick

more than PM 9. I have shot many brands of 45 and no problems. I carry

Fed EFMJ or Horn CD in the PM 45 and will order CD 9mm soon. Carry Fed

EFMJ in PM9 Good luck