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06-03-2010, 08:48
Picked up a like new G21 yesterday with the factory night sites in great condition. I had FTF on first mag loaded then on the second one as well. I new all was well with pistol after inspection and then started on mags. I knew something wasn't right when I loaded 13 rounds into each mag with very little force needed- but went about my business anyways. The person that traded it in at my local fun shop slipped some very worn out mags into the box- I mean rounds almost coming up perfectly horizontal with no upward angle into the feed ramp- bullets hitting the bottom of feed ramp... I wonder if Glock would be nice and replace them if I called and asked?? well Either way, I guess it's time to get some new mags for the big boy...

06-03-2010, 10:38
Replace the mag springs... its cheaper

06-04-2010, 14:33
I went back to my local fun store and they gave me 2 new mags... I'll rebuild the 2 that came with it for my range mags.. All is good now:supergrin: