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November Sunrise
06-04-2010, 05:41
I picked up a few boxes of the Hungarian made MFS brand 9MM 115gr FMJ ammo from Cabala's some time ago. ( Black and white box with a blue stripe )It was inexpensive ($14.00 / 50). I finally put it through my G19 last night, at least what would fire, and holy crap! This has got to be the worst ammo I have ever used. There were times when I swore I was shooting a black powder handgun with all of the smoke and debris coming out of the barrel. I actually saw sparks at times. Talk about distracting. I had numerous failure to fire situations too. The primer was dented but nothing happened. Once I put them back in the mag and gave them another shot they fired. My gun was a total mess as well. I had more black soot in the frame after this practice round than what I would normally have after shooting ten boxes of Winchester ammo. Maybe I just got a bad batch of ammo but I will not be buying that brand again. As far as accuracy goes, It shot reasonably well at 50 feet. Has anyone else experienced this with this brand?

06-04-2010, 14:46
Bought some MFS 45acp a few years ago and it was fine, but yours was not the first complaint I have read about their 9mm.

06-16-2011, 13:21
There seems to be several different types sold under this trade name. The reviews that are bad seem to be the ones with plated stell cases and bi-metal bullets. The version that I have used recently has brass cases and brass shell casing. It seems to be good in G26 and Ruger P95. It seemed to be clean and a little hotter than WWB.

06-16-2011, 13:25
I have used this brand in the past

4 out of a box of fifty would NOT fire despite primer dents.

Put them back in a mag, hit them again, again..again...finally they fire.

Tiro Fijo
06-16-2011, 18:47
Lamborghinis don't run on coal. :whistling: